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Form Settings



  • Form Name: name for easy identification of form on the HeadlessForms website, never exposed to third-parties
  • Form Token: automatically created unique token for the form, used on your websites front-end in action attribute and for direct requests to HeadlessForms API and can't be changed
  • Token Expires On: date after which the form will not accept any submissions; useful for temporary promotions

How to connect to your form

If you already have a form, update the action attribute so it points to HeadlessForms. There can be two versions of the action form, one with File Upload and one without it.

More info about File Upload settings

  • Action attributes without File Upload connect_form

  • Action attributes with File Upload connect_form


Redirection feature is part of the Automation section of HeadlessForms. There are three different ways that you can redirect your form submitters on HeadlessForms.

Redirect back to website with the form (default).

By default users are sent back to your website


Custom Redirect


  • Successful Submission Redirect URL: define a page where a user who submits form will be redirected if submission is stored successfully
  • Failed Submission Redirect URL: define a page or get parameter a user will be redirected to if submission fails

Both fields accept following options:

  • blank - redirects back to referrer, usually its the same domain as your website where you place the form
  • /page-name - redirects to []/page-name
  • ?success=true - redirects to []/?success=true

Thank You Page

TY Page Settings


You can customize the Message, Background color, Font color, Link color and File button color of the default HeadlessForms Thank You page using the customization options.

Remove HF branding checkbox - removing HeadlessForms brand signature from the button of the page

You can optionally add a Google Analytics tracking option with GA code or Google Tag Manager code for the redirection page you customize.

You can optionally Attach documents for download from TY Page. Overall attachments size is 200Mb.


Double Opt-In

More info about Double Opt-In settings

Validation settings

More info about Validation settings


More info about Attachments

Data mapping

This setting allows you to customize a user-friendly name of any field you set up in your form. mapping

For example, a field in your form may have a name like "qwerty123" to protect it from spam bots but the field is actually used to collect "Last Name" of a submitter. In order to rename such fields you need to receive at least one submission, then select a field name you want to rename and enter its new user-friendly name into text field on the right.

New field name will be displayed everywhere: in the list of submissions and exported data.

Duplicate Form

Create a copy of the current form including Form Settings except ones which require a submission (Akismet, Email Verification).

Please be aware: submissions are not copied.

Delete Form


Deletes current Form with all settings and submissions.

Please be aware: Can be restored by request to support team.